• Nikita prioritizes transparency, accountability, and oversight. As Clerk, she will host monthly open houses in order to be completely accessible to her constituents, post information about the Clerk’s office on a wide range of media platforms, and shift the counting of her own ballot to a county wide commission.

  • As a fiscal conservative, Nikita wants to put tax dollars back into the hands of working class families. As clerk, Nikita would enact a non-partisan Election Commission and proactively serve with your bottom line in mind. 

  • The security of our elections is imperative to a healthy democracy. As your next McLean County Clerk, Nikita would fight to protect voter information, crack down to ensure all property tax assessors' credentials are verified, and complete inspections or updates to databases.




  • Nikita will fight to remove any and all barriers to voting from our electoral process. Every vote matters. 

  • As your next McLean County Clerk, Nikita will work to ensure accessibility for all voters through a diverse staff that is multilingual and able to assist in the use of ADA equipment.

  • Once in office, Nikita will serve as everyone’s clerk, from the West Side to our rural communities.




  • As clerk, Nikita will push innovative measures to engage voters across the board through non-partisan relationships, from voter registration drives in our community to new online methods of engagement and visibility. 

  • The future of our democracy is the next generation. In order to create economic development and push students to invest in our community, as Nikita did, she will instate a student internship program through the Clerk’s office. This will educate and professionally develop students, while saving the Clerk’s office money, and help young people find a passion for civic engagement. 

  • As Clerk, Nikita would work with staff, attorneys, and community groups to improve the overall efficiency of our recording process — through cross training employees — and saving tax payer dollars along the way.